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I provide a full service design process. From initial concepts and computer generated renderings to working production drawings. I get the job done for you. Whether it's slot signage, special effects or floor to ceiling themed environments, I'll save you time and money.

 You will not get the same worn out designs from me.

 It will be fresh and I won't repeat it for any other joint.

Key Benefits


I've been using computers for design purposes for more than 20 years. During my career in Las Vegas, I've been lucky to have worked with many individuals who are highly skilled in producing designs and artwork for Casinos. I hope they have learned something from me because I have learned volumes from them. When a project becomes too large for just me, I can call upon the troops Worldwide, to get the job done as fast as necessary.

If you are ready for something different, that you can't get from the legions of regimented sign and display company mills, call me. 


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INTERIOR THEMED  DISPLAYS (click to enlarge)   

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