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I Have been pursuing fiber optic lighting since 1978. This is much longer than what most rational people would spend on something which seems to net one nothing. Everyone strives in their lives to be the best at something. I believe that I obtained this stature with fiber optic lighting. To my knowledge, no one has produced a greater variety of projects using display fiber optics. They obviously have more sense than I do! Even though I have not really been active in it during the last 10 years, my records stand. Once in a great while, I find something interesting to do with fiber optic lighting, or to do it in a place that has warm breezes, and ocean air. Lately I have been combining fiber optics with high power LED's and miniature optics check back here soon to see some results........

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If you are really interested in fiber optic lighting and have some project in mind that it might lend its unique lighting capabilities to, please contact me and I'll send you a CD with lots more photos on it. Click on the images below to enlarge.


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